This Scientific Study Reveals the Secret to Dropping Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure is a major health concern among millions of adults across the world. 

Even more so for those who have issues with excess weight. 

Medication to reduce blood pressure reading is recommended, when the readings go beyond a certain range. 

But for most people, lifestyle changes could prevent high blood pressure from getting worse. 

A recent study was conducted that proves this. 

More than a hundred overweight patients, with high blood pressure, were studied. 

Their upper number was between 130 and 160. 

The lower number was between 80 and 99.. 

The participants in the study were divided into three groups. 

None of them were taking medications. 

All three groups were assigned to a 16 week program in the research. 

Candidates of the first group were asked to follow a strict DASH diet. 

DASH stands for ‘Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’. 

It’s a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. 

It also cuts down red meat, salt, and sugar. 

The diet plan was strictly monitored by a nutritionist. 

The participants were also assigned a weight management program, along with the diet. 

This consisted of behavioral counseling, and supervised exercises. 

The group was made to work out three times a week. 

In the second group, the participants were only made to follow the DASH diet. 

This group followed the DASH diet under the strict supervision of a nutritionist. 

But they didn’t make any other lifestyle changes, like working out or weight management. 

They just ate according to the DASH diet. 

The third group of participants made absolutely no lifestyle changes. 

They continued the same eating habits that they had, before starting with this experiment. 

The verdict was out in 16 weeks. 

The blood pressure numbers were compared among the three groups. 

The first group with the DASH diet and the exercise protocol came out as a clear winner. 

The upper number of their blood pressure decreased by an average of 16. 

The average reduction in the lower number was 10. And this wasn’t all. 

They lost an average of 19 pounds at the end of the study! 

This was due to the weight management program. 

Only 15 percent of the participants in this group were recommended to take medication to control high blood pressure. 

The second group also noticed significant differences in blood pressure numbers. 

They had an average reduction of 11 in their higher blood pressure reading. 

Their lower blood pressure reading was reduced by an average of 8.

And 23 percent of the participants in this group were advised to take medications.

People in the third group hadn’t made any lifestyle changes. 

There were almost no effects on their blood pressure numbers, at the end of the study. 

The reduction in the higher number was an average of 3 for this group. 

The average decrease in the lower number was 4. 

A whopping 50 percent of these participants were recommended drugs, to reduce their high blood pressure.

This study shows that lifestyle changes are key, if you want to lower blood pressure naturally. 

Dietary changes can go a long way in reducing the need for medicines. 

Combining healthy eating habits with proper exercise is even better. 

Weight management also is an important part of managing your blood pressure. 

An overall healthy lifestyle is a must if you want to stop relying on blood pressure medication. 

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