The Top 5 Blood Pressure Apps for 2020

You and I both know that dealing with high blood pressure isn’t easy. 

You’ve got to take your medications on time. 

You also need to keep track of your blood pressure readings, between doctor’s visits. 

This ensures you maintain your heart health, and avoid cardiac issues. 

Thankfully, you can now monitor your blood pressure, your medications, and your overall heart health, with just a few taps on your smartphone. 

Here are the top five apps you could try out.

App #1. The iBP Blood Pressure App 

The iBP Blood Pressure App is made by Leading Edge Apps.

You can use this app to track your blood pressure data, and your blood sugar levels. 

It also lets you store information about any other area you’ve been monitoring, such as your stress levels. 

The charts are color-coded so you can just take a look, and determine really quickly whether your blood pressure is in the normal range. 

It’s available on both Android and iPhone for less than a dollar.

App #2 – The Blood Pressure Monitor by Taconic System

You could use this app to enter your food diary, and medications. 

The app stores data on blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight. 

It then combines all the data, to create a comprehensive health plan for you. 

Its charts are easy to use, and can be shared among family members. 

And what’s cool is that your overall health results that the app monitors, can also be emailed to your doctor. 

In that way, your doctor can easily look at your results and see if any unusual pattern is noticed. 

It’s a free app, but is available only on the iPhone.

App #3 – The SmartBP – Smart Blood Pressure

The SmartBP – Smart Blood Pressure is made by Evolve Medical Systems.

SmartBP is a blood pressure monitoring app that connects with the Apple HealthKit using the Apple Watch and allows you to record, track, analyze and share your Blood Pressure information using your iPhone or your iPad.

The app can set reminders for taking your blood pressure readings.

And it has a cool tagging feature that allows you to tag, track and then graph your stress levels, salty diet, specific medications, caffeine intake and even major public events. 

This can help you pinpoint where the majority of your blood pressure problems might be coming from.

If you use an iphone and have an Apple Watch, this is the app you should strongly consider using.

App #4 – The Blood Pressure Companion App

The Blood Pressure Companion App is made by Maxwell Software.

This user-friendly app, monitors your blood pressure, and your heart rate. 

A cool feature of this app is that it sends you reminders to get your blood pressure checked, at regular intervals. 

This feature is especially helpful, if you’re a really busy person and keep forgetting to check your blood pressure. 

Timely blood pressure readings help you, and your doctor, understand your blood pressure patterns better, and as a result, heart-related emergencies can be prevented. 

The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

App #5 – The Blood Pressure Watch App

The Blood Pressure Watch App is made by a developer called NumbersMatter2Me.

With this app, you can store your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight information, and also access the data anywhere using this app. 

It lets you share your health data with family members, and doctors through simple applications. 

It’s compatible with Dropbox, email, and Google Drive. 

If you have multiple family members, who need their blood pressure checked, you can use this app to record data for more than one person. 

And this app uses stats and analytics, for you to better understand your blood pressure trends.

Okay, there’s five really handy blood pressure apps that’ll allow you to monitor your blood pressure, no matter where you’re at.

With these blood pressure apps, now you can use your smartphone to keep yourself and your doctor updated about your overall heart health.

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