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Welcome to HealthyBloodPressure.com

My name is David Frey and I’m the founder of the HealthyBloodPressure.com.

I created this website as a result of my struggles with high blood pressure. 

I live in Houston, Texas with my wife. 

Actually, I live in a small suburb of Houston called Friendswood.

My wife, Ingrid, is an amazing woman who loves to run, quilt and give service to others. 

My two children are all grown up and out of the house. 

My daughter is going to college and my son is a sales professional.

Myself, my wife Ingrid, my daughter Alina and my son Sterling

How I Nearly Lost My Life Had It Not Been for My Angel Kidney Donor

The reason I started this website and my Healthy Blood Pressure Youtube channel is because

I suffer from High Blood Pressure as a result of a genetic disease I’ve had from birth. 

It’s actually two diseases in one.

The first one is called Polycystic Kidney Disease and the second one is Polycystic Liver Disease.

It’s a genetic disease that is passed down from parent to child.

My mother died of it when she was 49 years old.

I have two older brothers die of it when they were 49 years old.

I have another older brother who received a kidney transplant when he was 49 years old.

And by God’s grace and the beautiful heart of a wonderful person, my kidney donor Erin Neth, I received a kidney transplant when I was 49 years old. 

At the time, Erin was a mother of four young children.

She had a very high stress, hectic life.

But she she felt a strong feeling that she needed to be my kidney donor. 

I will be forever thankful to her for saving my life.

Erin Neth and myself the day of my kidney surgery in August 2013

Both PKD and PLD is estimated to affect around 100,000 people and, basically, for some unknown genetic reason, cysts start to grow on your kidney and liver.

Some cysts are large but most are small.

The cysts tend to grow and the person gets older. Symptoms usually start to show around 50 years of age.

As the kidneys get bigger and bigger, their function starts to decrease until, they eventually quit functioning.

The only solution is a kidney transplant. Some times the kidneys are removed from the person and sometimes they aren’t.

Currently, I have three kidneys in my body!

My transplanted kidney is placed in my groin area.

Right Now I’m Battling Both Polycystic Kidney Disease and Polycystic Liver Disease

Usually, after the kidneys fail, the cysts on the liver keep growing bigger and bigger.

Unlike PKD, with PLD, the liver function isn’t affected.

So the liver keeps on functioning just fine.

But the cysts on the liver keep getting bigger and bigger until is causes abdominal pain and discomfort, shortness of breath and gastro-esophageal problems.

Right now, I experience shortness of breath easily and enlargement of my abdominal area.

Basically, some times, I look like I’m a pregnant man because my liver is three times it’s normal size.

Polycystic Liver Disease

This is an actual scan of my liver on the left compared to a normal liver on the right.

Why I Started HealthyBloodPressure.com

One of the symptoms or side effects of PKD and PLD is high blood pressure. 

I know it sounds strange, but more people with PKD and PLD die from Cardiovascular (heart) problems than kidney or liver problems. 

So my ability to control my blood pressure is critical to my survival.

So I started to research all I could to understand more about my high blood pressure, the symptoms, the causes and the possible solutions. 

So I decided to start sharing with everyone else all the I was learning.

That’s how HealthyBloodPressure.com was born. 

Today, I carefully monitor my blood pressure.

I strive to live as healthy lifestyle as possible. 

I try to do my very best to give myself the chance of living as long as possible.

I want to see my daughter and son get married.

I want to become a grandfather and play with my grandchildren.

My greatest fear is passing away while I’m relatively young and leaving my wife having to live life alone, without my help. 

If you’ve read down this far, bless you!

Now you know more about me than some of my long time friends.

I don’t talk about my health issues very much.

So that’s a litle about me.

I hope the products and information I provide on this website will help you in your journey to maintain your health.

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