8 Possible Signs of High Blood Pressure

The bad news is that you could have high blood pressure without knowing about it. 

The good news is, there’s a couple of physical signs that’ll tell you that you might have high blood pressure. 

Bad Headaches

The first surefire sign of high blood pressure is getting really bad headaches. 

Whether you get them often or only once in a while, if your headaches are super painful, you might have high blood pressure.


Another sign of high blood pressure to look for is being fatigued. 

Being a bit tired when you haven’t slept enough is normal, but if you’re constantly exhausted, even after sleeping long hours, it might be a sign that you have high blood pressure.

Vision Problems

This third sign is quite easy to spot.

Has your vision got significantly worse in recent months? 

If so, your vision problems could be related to high blood pressure. 

Chest Pain

The fourth sign that you could have high blood pressure is experiencing chest pain. 

This one is pretty easy to spot too. 

Remember, chest pain is not an inevitable sign of old age. 

It’s a sign that something else is happening in your body. 

Pay serious attention if this is something you have been experiencing.

Difficulty Breathing

The fifth sign when you have high blood pressure is if you start experiencing difficulty breathing. 

Do you get out of breath more easily than before? 

Is it hard to breathe when you climb stairs or even to walk? 

There’s signs you’ll want to pay very careful attention to. 

Irregular Heartbeat

Another common surefire sign of high blood pressure is having an irregular heartbeat. 

Of course, your heart and blood have a tight connection. 

If one starts acting irregularly, you’ll get a reaction from the other. 

So if you start noticing your heart beat is off, you should have your blood pressure checked.

Urine in Your Blood

The seventh sign of high blood pressure is finding blood in your urine. 

While this is alarming, there’s no need to panic. 

Finding blood in your urine is not a sign you’re gonna die, but you should make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Your doctor will be able to tell you if this has something to do with your blood pressure.

Pounding Sensation in Your Chest

Last but not least, if you’re worried about your blood pressure you should look for signs of pounding. 

If you’re experiencing a pounding sensation in your chest, neck, or ears, pay closer attention. 

This is a surefire sign of a high blood pressure.

Learning to recognize these symptoms can save you a lot of pain. 

It might even save your life.

Be careful and pay closer attention if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms. 

Your first step will always be to consult a doctor and get an official diagnosis. 

Learn to spot high blood pressure fast, you just might add a couple of years to your life!

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