19 Natural High Blood Pressure Treatments

In nearly all cases, you can dramatically decrease your high blood pressure, simply using natural solutions that anyone can do. 

And in some cases, using some of the natural high blood pressure solutions I’m going to reveal to you, it’s possible that you might be able to avoid or stop using your current blood pressure medications. 

So here’s my list of 19 natural high blood pressure treatments. 

1. Walk and exercise regularly

Exercise strengthens your heart muscles. 

As a result, it can swiftly pump blood with ease, reducing your blood pressure. 

Moderate exercise such as a half-hour walk every day could also be beneficial for your heart health.

2. Reduce your sodium intake

Sodium causes water retention in the body, causing extra strain on the blood vessels. 

The result is elevated blood pressure. 

Lower your sodium intake by switching to potassium-based natural salts. 

Cutting out dietary salt is key to reducing blood pressure.

3. Eat less processed foods

Processed food may be low in fat as advertised, but this comes at the cost of extra sodium. 

Salt is required in large amounts for preserving food. 

This excessive sodium could raise your blood pressure. Switch to fresh foods and herbs to lower your numbers.

4. Drink less alcohol

A drink or two a day might not be harmful. 

However, long term heavy drinking could cause obesity, leading to a constant rise in blood pressure. 

Cut back or eliminate your drinks to treat hypertension.

5. Eat more potassium-rich foods

Potassium is your heart’s friend and sodium’s enemy. 

It helps flush out excess sodium, thus relaxing the blood vessels. 

That’s when your blood pressure reduces. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals to get enough potassium.

6. Cut back on caffeine

The energy drinks that boost your day might’ve to go. 

They contain caffeine, which may cause an acute spike in your blood pressure readings. 

Cut back on these drinks and other caffeine sources to make a difference in your blood pressure readings.

7. Learn to manage stress

If you’re dealing with chronic stress, it’s time to manage it. 

Stress can cause elevated heart rates, which could further constrict blood vessels. 

Thus, blood pressure remains elevated. 

Eliminate stressors and relax your mind to help reduce hypertension.

8. Eat dark chocolate or cocoa

Here’s some good news for chocolate lovers. 

Dark chocolate and cocoa have certain compounds that can dilate blood vessels, which in turn lowers blood pressure. 

The catch is that you must consume pure and sugar-free cocoa for the best results.

9. Lose weight

Obesity could restrict the movements of your blood vessels. 

If your weight is normal, the vessels constrict and dilate more easily, easing the work rate of the heart. 

The result is reduced blood pressure. 

Pair a healthy diet with exercise to lose weight naturally.

10. Quit smoking

Tobacco contains certain chemicals that could cause a spike in your blood pressure. 

Smoking is also linked to high risks of cardiovascular disease. 

Say no to smoking for a healthier heart. 

A healthy heart translates to normal blood pressure numbers.

11. Cut added sugar

Sugar is detrimental to the stock of nitric oxide in your body, which is a compound that helps in the dilation of blood vessels. 

Nitric oxide’s absence causes an elevation in blood pressure. 

Cut back on sugar to help the vessels work easily.

12. Eat berries

Add berries the next time you make a smoothie. 

They’re rich in certain plant compounds that are great for your heart. 

An improvement in your overall heart health reflects directly on your blood pressure readings.

13. Try Meditation

We’ve talked about how stress increases your blood pressure. 

One way to manage stress is meditation. 

The process slows down your heart rate and decreases the strain on the vessels. 

Try deep breathing techniques to reduce hypertension.

14. Eat calcium-rich foods

Low calcium intake through diet has been seen to increase blood pressure. 

Supplementing with calcium may not lower blood pressure directly. 

However, getting enough calcium through food could improve the health of your heart. 

Go for dairy and leafy greens to boost your calcium intake.

15. Eat medicinal herbs

Certain medicinal herbs in proper doses could lower your blood pressure. 

Examples include cat’s claw, ginger, Chinese hawthorn, black bean, celery, and river lily. 

Always speak with your doctor before taking these herbs as some of them may react with your medications.

16. Get a good restful sleep

Continuous sleep deprivation could cause your blood pressure to rise. 

When you sleep, your heart relaxes, reducing your blood pressure. 

Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep every day to maintain healthy blood pressure numbers.

17. Eat high protein foods

A protein-rich diet is essential to maintain insulin balance. 

High insulin causes water retention, resulting in your heart working harder than usual to pump blood. 

Consume at least a hundred grams of protein every day through food to maintain your blood pressure.

18. Take natural blood pressure supplements

Several natural supplements such as garlic, hibiscus, whey protein, fish oil, and berberine are known to reduce blood pressure. 

Different heart-friendly chemicals in them ensure your blood pressure is in check. 

As always, speak with your doctor before taking any of these.

19. Reduce your coffee drinking

We’ve seen how caffeine may cause a spike in your blood pressure. 

Though coffee has beneficial elements for your heart, it still has caffeine. 

If you can’t let go of your morning cup, try decaffeinated coffee instead to maintain optimum blood pressure levels.

So there they are. All 19. 

Medication might not be completely avoidable in dealing with hypertension. 

However, these nineteen natural ways to lower your blood pressure can certainly help you experience better heart health and lower your blood pressure. 

I hope you’ve learned a few things in this article that can help you in your healthy journey. 

Have a great happy and healthy day!

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