13 Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure

In this article, I’m going to reveal 13 natural remedies for reducing your blood pressure. 

Although in most cases of hypertension, your doctor will prescribe medications, but sometimes following certain lifestyle changes, and consuming natural supplements, there‚Äôs a good chance that you can quickly lower blood pressure. 

Natural Remedy #1. Cutting Sodium

The first recommendation for anyone who wishes to lower their blood pressure naturally is to cut down on salt. 

It’s the sodium in the salt that directly relates to a rise in blood pressure. 

Avoid processed foods high in sodium. 

Prepare fresh food at home, adding herbs for flavor instead.

Natural Remedy #2. Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are excellent in lowering blood pressure because they’re rich in anthocyanins and polyphenols. 

These are chemicals great for your heart health. 

Prepare some hot tea with dried hibiscus flowers. 

Add some lemon or honey for flavor. 

Sip this lovely drink about twice or three times daily.

Natural Remedy #3. Garlic

A well-known herbal remedy for lowering blood pressure is garlic. 

This simple food found in everyday kitchens has a compound called allicin. 

This is quite effective against high blood pressure. 

For best results, you’d need to take some good quality garlic supplements. 

Look for tablets that have around two milligrams of allicin per dose. 

Natural Remedy #4. Whey Protein

Have you ever noticed the liquid that’s left behind after milk curdles and is strained to make cheese? 

That liquid contains whey protein, which is evaporated to make whey protein powder. 

Prepare shakes with this powder. 

Add flavors if you like. 

Drink them twice a day to reduce blood pressure.

Natural Remedy #5. Beetroot Powder

Another great natural way to wean off hypertension medicines is beetroot. 

It’s rich in dietary nitrate that the body converts to nitric oxide. 

This compound is crucial for relaxing your blood vessels. 

Thus, it helps in lowering blood pressure. 

If you’re not fond of the taste of beets, there’s another way. 

You could add some good quality beetroot powder into your daily smoothie.

Natural Remedy #6. Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw has been used for ages for its health benefits. 

These include lowering of blood pressure. Look for a product that has either the bark or the roots of the plant. 

The best way to benefit from its tannins and flavonoids is to make some tea. 

These compounds increase the dilation of blood vessels. 

Brew the tea for at least forty-five minutes for the best results.

Natural Remedy #7. Fish Oil

Are you getting enough Omega-three fatty acids from your diet? 

If not, fish oil supplements are an excellent way to improve your heart health and lower blood pressure. 

Invest in some good quality fish oil and benefit from its rich omega-three structure.

Natural Remedy #8 – Blueberries

Another worthy candidate among herbs that reduce blood pressure is blueberry or berries in general. 

Berries are rich in polyphenols that keep your heart healthy. 

Blueberries, additionally, have a compound called quercetin. 

This helps in lowering the risks of hypertension. Enjoy their benefits through juices or syrups.

Natural Remedy #9 – Ginger

You might’ve heard about aspirin-like properties of ginger. 

Now, there’s more good news. 

This wonder herb can help lower blood pressure by improving blood circulation in the vessels. 

You could make tea out of it or chew it raw. 

Also, add it as a spice to your favorite recipes. It works just as well if you take it as a supplement.

Natural Remedy #10 – Watermelon

Do you love a good watermelon juice on a hot summer’s day? 

Why not make it a regular drink every morning instead? 

Doing so could significantly reduce your blood pressure numbers. 

Watermelon has citrulline. 

The body breaks this down to ultimately form nitric oxide that dilates your blood vessels. 

Natural Remedy #11 – Hawthorn

Hawthorn is another gift from nature that is rich in flavonoids. 

These maintain the health of your heart. 

They reduce blood pressure by widening the blood vessels. 

Enjoy this herb in the form of tea. Also, add dried hawthorn powder in other recipes. 

Natural Remedy #12 – Coconut Water

One of the simplest natural remedies to lower blood pressure is to drink at least two glasses of coconut water every day. 

It especially lowers the upper number on your blood pressure reading. 

Make sure you choose organic coconuts to get maximum benefits.

Natural Remedy #13 – Exercise

Lastly, but most importantly, exercise is a must when you’re considering natural ways to control hypertension. 

Any form of exercise strengthens the heart muscles. 

Exercise allows your heart to pump blood easily. 

This lowers the strain on your arteries. 

If you’re unsure how to exercise, simple brisk walking for a half-hour can also help.

Medications help for sure, but long term use of drugs has many side effects. 

Why not give these natural methods a try instead? 

They could lower your blood pressure and help you avoid having to take prescription pills.

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