11 Absolute Worst Foods for High Blood Pressure

You know that maintaining optimal blood pressure numbers is important for a long and healthy life.

And eating healthy is a must if you’re trying to reduce blood pressure naturally.

So here are 11 foods that you need to avoid like the plague, if you want to lower your blood pressure through your diet.

1. Sea salt

Sodium is the enemy of people who suffer from high blood pressure.

Sodium causes high fluid retention, which puts extra strain on your blood vessels.

And if you think that sea salt is better for you.

It’s not.

Sea salt contains about the same amount of sodium than regular salt.

Sodium is present in all kinds of salt and hence, the only option is to reduce your intake of salt.

Yes, even sea salt.

You can even use products like Mrs. Dash, which is a salt-free blend of different herbs and

seasonings that add flavor to your food.

2. Processed Foods

I just talked about how bad salt is for high blood pressure.

Processed foods are loaded with salts.

All kinds of processed food, including pizza, meat, and juices are preserved with ridiculously high

amounts of sodium to maintain long shelf lives.

Eat fresh foods as much as possible to avoid risks of high blood pressure.

3. Fast Foods

All fast food restaurants should be off-limits if you’re trying to reduce your blood pressure because fast

foods are often prepared with low-quality ingredients.

They’re high in trans fat, cholesterol, and yes, you guessed it right, sodium, all of which are harmful to

your heart and  your blood pressure.

4. Dairy Products

Dairy products like full-fat milk and processed cheese can increase your blood pressure.

Full-fat milk contains trans-fat and cheese has sodium, both of which are bad for your blood pressure.

Switch to low-fat milk and if you’re going to eat cheese; eat cheeses like goat cheese, mozzarella, or

swiss cheese that is much lower in sodium.

5. Sandwiches with Deli Meat

Deli meat is one of the deadliest carriers of high sodium.

If your regular diet involves sandwiches with these processed meats, you’re eating a lot of

unnecessary sodium.

Sodium, as you already know, increases your blood pressure.

Avoid lunch meats the next time you make a sandwich and use freshly cooked grass-fed meat topped

with fresh vegetables instead.

6. Alcohol

Are you just a social drinker?

Well, having more than three drinks at one sitting could lead to high blood pressure.

If you drink alcohol regularly, it’s going to negatively affect your blood pressure.

Alcohol also interferes with your blood pressure medications.

If you’re going to drink, limit your alcohol intake to only one or two drinks a week.

7. Added Sugar

Another silent contributor to high blood pressure is sugar.

Studies show that an increase in sugar will increase a person’s leptin and insulin, which in turn,

increase blood pressure.

The first place to reduce your sugar intake is by cutting out your favorite soft drinks.

Excess sugar, and fructose especially, can contribute to weight gain, which contributes to high blood


Do your best to avoid any sugary food and drinks to lower blood pressure.

8. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and caffeine will spike your blood pressure.

And energy drinks usually have a lot of added sugar and I’ve already shared with you why sugar

increases your blood pressure.

If you’re watching your blood pressure, avoid energy drinks altogether.

9. Frozen Fish and Seafood

Although most fish and seafood are highly nutritious, if you buy frozen packs of fish, you’re probably

going to be eating a bunch of sodium.

Fish and seafood are mixed in brine solutions before they’re frozen, to give them a longer shelf life.

They may tell you that only fresh fish is frozen with no chemicals, but the truth is, no one accounts for

the salt.

Buy fresh fish and eat fresh fish to lower your blood pressure.

10. Pickles

Pickles are delicious, but if you like adding them to your sandwich now and then, it’s most likely

going to increase your blood pressure.

Fresh vegetables, usually cucumbers, are preserved in liquids full of salt and turned into pickles.

As a result, pickles are loaded with salt, which is not good if you’re trying to maintain a healthy blood


Avoid pickles and choose fresh veggies instead.

11. Canned Soups and Tomato Products

It’s easier to turn to canned foods such as soups and tomato products to save precious cooking time.

However, any food item that’s been canned, comes with a high dose of sodium.

Sodium is used as a preservative to increase the shelf life of canned goods.

So avoid canned foods and instead, prepare fresh food and use hand-picked tomatoes for your daily


So those are 11 of the worst foods you can eat if you want to avoid high blood pressure.

So just keep your diet simple and eat fresh ingredients.

Switch to low-sodium salt or spices and low-fat dairy.

A few basic changes in your dietary habits could help you maintain your healthy blood pressure


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